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Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a secure and effective daily pill that may help reduce your danger of HIV disease. PrEP is more efficient at stopping HIV it every day if you take

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a secure and effective daily pill that may help reduce your danger of HIV disease. PrEP is more efficient at stopping HIV it every day if you take

To begin with on PrEP, confer with your regular physician or nursing assistant, or search for a intimate wellness Clinic. There are also other clinics offering PrEP by calling 311 or visiting the NYC wellness Map.


Is PrEP right in my situation?

To learn if PrEP suits you, first get tested for HIV. PrEP is actually for HIV-negative individuals that are willing to just just simply take an everyday pill.

You should look at PrEP that is taking if:

  • Usually do not always utilize condoms during intercourse
  • Recently possessed a intimately transmitted disease (sti)
  • Have significantly more than one partner that is sexual
  • Have partner who may have sex along with other lovers
  • Have partner who may have HIV and a detectable or unknown viral load
  • Are attempting to conceive with a partner that has HIV
  • Have partner whom does not want to get an HIV test
  • Have intercourse for the money, medications or destination to keep
  • Inject medications or have a partner whom injects medications

How can PrEP stop HIV?

If you should be confronted with HIV, the medications in PrEP stop the herpes virus from spreading during your human body, preventing an HIV disease. PrEP just works when you have sufficient medicine within your body, and that means you need certainly to simply take PrEP each and every day.

Truvada® — the only medicine currently authorized as PrEP — is a mix of emtricitabine (Emtriva®) and tenofovir (Viread®). They are exactly the same medicines that are safe many individuals with HIV used to continue to be healthy.

Is PrEP safe? Which are the relative negative effects?

PrEP is safe. Truvada®, has been utilized to take care of individuals with HIV since 2004.

A lot of people on PrEP try not to report any unwanted effects. For individuals who do, probably the most side that is common are sickness, upset belly, weakness and headaches. These signs frequently get better or go away inside the month that is first of PrEP. Rare negative effects include renal or bone tissue issues. Your doctor or nursing assistant will allow you to handle any unwanted effects.

How good does PrEP work?

PrEP decreases the possibility of getting HIV through sex by over 90% for folks who use the supplement at the least four days per week. Your HIV danger is a lot reduced invest the PrEP every single day.

Since PrEP ended up being introduced in 2012, this has aided reduce brand new HIV infections across new york.

If We simply take PrEP, do We nevertheless need to make use of condoms?

PrEP can be A hiv that is effective choice for individuals who do not use condoms each time they have sexual intercourse, but PrEP only protects you against HIV. Condoms prevent other STIs and unintended maternity.

How can I simply simply simply take PrEP?

With PrEP, you are taking a supplement when a even on days that you do not have sex or inject drugs day.

PrEP is recommended by a nurse or doctor.

  • That you do not have HIV and that your kidneys and liver are healthy before you start PrEP: Your doctor or nurse will test you to make sure.
  • While you’re on PrEP: your medical professional or nursing assistant will test you every 90 days for HIV and also at minimum every half a year for any other STIs.

For more information about what to anticipate whenever using PrEP, see an individual’s help Guide to PrEP (PDF) Espaсol.

Just how long does it simply simply take for PrEP to the office?

Studies claim that you will need to just just take PrEP that is daily for minimum:

  • 7 days before PrEP provides maximum security when you will be the receptive or “bottom” partner during anal intercourse.
  • Twenty times before PrEP provides protection that is maximum you might be the receptive partner during genital intercourse, or whenever you inject medications.

It isn’t yet understood what amount of times you will need to just just take PrEP you are the insertive or “top” partner during anal or vaginal sex before it can provide maximum protection when.

How to pay for PrEP?

In ny State, PrEP is included in Medicaid and a lot of medical health insurance plans.

You may be eligible for a patient assistance program that helps pay for PrEP if you do not have insurance or have a high co-pay. Medical clinics can additionally assist patients apply. You can easily enlist into a low-cost insurance policy by calling 311.

Find out about your re Payment alternatives for PrEP (PDF).

Am I able to get PrEP if i’m an immigrant that is undocumented

Immigration status will not impact your capability getting PrEP. You can easily properly consult with staff at our Sexual Health Clinics about how your immigration status may affect your alternatives for PrEP as well as other HIV prevention practices.

That I am on PrEP if I am covered by my parents’ insurance, will they be notified?

No. Even although you are more youthful than 18, parental authorization isn’t needed to start out PrEP. Your PrEP prescription and relevant visits to the hospital would be private.

You can take steps to stop an “Explanation of Benefits” form from being sent to your parents or policyholder if you are covered by your parents’ insurance. Your PrEP provider can really help you using this procedure.

Exactly just exactly How else may I remain HIV-negative?

  • Learn about crisis PEP. If you should be maybe not taking PrEP and think you had been recently subjected to HIV, get straight away to your physician or an urgent situation space and get for PEP, a crisis medicine that may avoid HIV. It is possible to phone the NYC PEP hotline at 844-3-PEPNYC (844-373-7692), to get going on PEP straight away. The hotline can be acquired 24/7.
  • Utilize condoms as frequently as you possibly can. Discover the type and size of condom you prefer. Condoms are offered for free in most five boroughs. To get our where you are able to obtain a condom that is free call 311 or look at the NYC Health Map
  • Utilize lube. Utilize water-based or lubricant that is silicone-based specially during rectal intercourse.
  • Get tested for HIV. An HIV test may be the best way to determine in the event that you or a partner has HIV.
  • Confer with your lovers about screening. Pose a question to your intercourse lovers concerning the time that is last had an HIV test. To make sure, get tested together.
  • Help your lovers coping with HIV. Encourage partners coping with HIV to have HIV care and just simply take their medicines every so they stay healthy and do not pass HIV to others day.
  • Get examined for any other STIs. STIs causes it to be more straightforward to get or spread HIV.
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  • Prevent drugs and alcohol when you’ve got intercourse. Consuming or getting high if you have intercourse makes it difficult to keep in mind to utilize condoms. For assist to prevent using, call 888-NYC-WELL (888-692-9355). Interpreters are offered for over 200 languages.
  • Utilize syringes that are cleanPDF). In the event that you inject medications, avoid syringes that are sharing cookers, cottons and medication solutions. Find out where you could get syringes that are clean the town.

PrEP for ladies

PrEP can be A hiv that is effective choice for cisgender and transgender ladies whenever taken daily.

Ladies who have actually vaginal intercourse have to be specially careful to just simply take PrEP every single day to keep medicine that is enough their genital muscle to stop an HIV infection.

Ladies who have sexual intercourse with females and whom might be subjected to HIV through sex or injecting medications can benefit from PrEP also.

Will PrEP affect my birth prevention?

No. Studies have shown that PrEP will not restrict hormone-based birth prevention. PrEP just prevents HIV, and that means you nevertheless need certainly to make use of birth prevention or condoms to stop unintended maternity and other STIs.

Will PrEP restrict my hormones treatment?

No. There’s absolutely no proof that PrEP interacts with estrogens (or progestins) or impacts the known degrees of hormones within your body. Analysis has unearthed that transgender women that just just simply take PrEP daily are protected from HIV.

Am I able to just just take PrEP while looking to get expecting or nursing?

Yes. PrEP can protect ladies who want to conceive a kid with a partner that is hiv-positive. PrEP is safe when it comes to child and mother both during and after maternity, and contains perhaps maybe not demonstrated an ability to impact fertility.

If you’d like to simply take PrEP while wanting to conceive, talk to your medical professional. You might want to consult a professional to get more guidance about making use of PrEP in this way.

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