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To include more names to Brando’s intimate conquest list, there are rumors he’d an event with Bob Dylan.

To include more names to Brando’s intimate conquest list, there are rumors he’d an event with Bob Dylan.


Remain true comedian and star Richard Pryor who was simply a married man (7 times really) did get a cross the line into having a homosexual event with certainly one of Hollywood’s legends. In February of 2018, Richard Pryor’s widow, Jennifer Pryor, circulated a declaration to TMZ stating that her spouse had a romantic event with “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “The Godfather” actor Marlon Brando into the ’70s. As she told the book: “It was the ‘70s! Medications remained good, specially quaaludes. In the event that you did sufficient cocaine, you’d screw a radiator and deliver it flowers each day.”

This isn’t the time that is first relationship with Brando have been in the news, as music mogul Quincy Jones had also alluded to it in a Vulture meeting.

Based on both Jones and Pryor’s widow declare that Pryor was available about his bisexuality together with his buddies. But, certainly one of Pryor’s kids, his daughter Rain later on disputed the claim. Inside the autobiography, Pryor admitted to presenting a bi weekly relationship that is sexual a transvestite, which he called “two months to be gay”.


Marlon Brando is widely considered and viewed among the silver screen actors that are greatest of them all and a guy whom exudes intense masculinity. But Brando might have already been certainly one of Hollywood’s biggest sleep hoppers also, if it is all to be believed.

First of all, “The Godfather” patriarch had been hitched 4 times plus some sources have actually advertised Brando really fathered 17 children…Yes, that’s proper, 17 kids (!). but nevertheless, while Brando might have been married to 4 various females showing up old granny fucking to be heterosexual, you can find many allegations that recommend Brando was at reality, bisexual.

Brando’s renowned alleged event had been with “ Rebel with out a Cause” celebrity James Dean. But, Darwin Porter’s biography, Brando Unzipped, claims Brando had relationships that are sexual Cary Grant, Montgomery Clift, and Sir John Gielgud. In Porter’s guide, he states: “James Dean had been certainly one of Brando’s many lasting yet troubled relationships that are gay. That they had a relationship for the true period of time however it ended up being constantly turbulent. At one point they’d a stand that is big battle at an event in Santa Monica, Ca, witnessed by lots of individuals. Montgomery Clift to his affair ended up being a long and enduring relationship.”

Porter continues to state that: “Marlon had a bit of a fling with Cary give, investing a with him in san francisco weekend. Cary had been additionally pursuing the star Stewart Granger, whom became another of Marlon’s conquests. Marlon admired John Gielgud nonetheless they didn’t have relationship, instead, Brando performed sexual favors for Gielgud and told buddies, ‘I owed it to him because he actually aided me personally with lines in Julius Caesar.’”

To incorporate more names to Brando’s intimate conquest list, there are additionally rumors he’d an event with Bob Dylan. Relating to northern actress that is irish Quinn, who had been an intimate partner of Brando’s into the ’60s, visited Brando’s trailer regarding the set of “ The Appaloosa” with Bob Dylan. Quinn recalls a story that is especially scandalous Marlon Brando, a biography by Peter Manso, where Quinn claims Dylan asked for a container of coke, which Brando started together with his teeth, after which it a so-called romance blossomed between Dylan and Brando (who had been freely bisexual). Quinn states, “I never ever saw any such thing, nevertheless the expressed word on offer then had been that Dylan had been moving both means.”

Music mogul Quincy Jones had insinuated in a Vulture interview while discussing the Richard Pryor and Brando alleged event, Jones proclaims about Brando’s voracious eroticisms, “Brando would screw such a thing. Such A Thing! He’d f*ck a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye.”

But to go on it one step further with Brando’s desiring sex, in 1976, Brando admittedly confessed up to a French journalist, “Homosexuality can be so much in fashion, it not any longer makes news. Such as for instance a number that is large of, we, too, experienced homosexual experiences, and I also have always been maybe maybe not ashamed. I’ve never ever compensated attention that is much what individuals think of me personally.”

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