Retail Chains, Super Markets and Hardware Stores.

  • Retail chains
  • Super markets
  • Hardware stores
  • Special stores, BBQ and grill equipment companies
  • Petrol stations
  • Direct traders of BBQ briquettes and granular
  • Private label to a wide range of different companies
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Activated charcoal manufacturers
  • Shisha briquette manufacturers

Our Briquettes are Never Standard: Because We Know Exactly What We are Doing…

We don’t just deliver a standard product. We deliver arguably the best coconut briquettes ever manufactured in the world today with no chemicals, high-density, long burn time, and lowest smoke/ash residues.

The secret behind manufacturing charcoal of the highest quality is our knowledge and experience in the composition of different briquettes with different properties. In other words, we have what it takes to make the best briquettes from a raw-material that is in itself outstanding. Coconut shells have so many natural qualities that are vastly superior to virtually any other BBQ fuel.

We Offer Our Products to a Variety of Segments

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