Our Testing Procedure

To Guarantee the Highest Possible Quality, Safety and Burning Duration, We Perform Three Types of Tests for Our Products:

Mazcoco testing process
Mazcoco testing process

First Test (daily)

The first is screening and analysis of smoke, fixed carbon, moisture, volatile matters and ash residues for each carbon granulate. This happens continuously during production. The raw material is subsequently sorted and dried into different levels according to the specifications of each briquette quality.

Our test equipment is regularly calibrated and tested by international independent laboratories such as SGS Laboratory and Sucofindo to ensure that the result is following standards as defined by European Standard EN-1860-2.

Second Test (daily)

The second is called T-180 test and it is based on parameters by the Danish FORCE Technology. It is a burning and heat test (including spontaneous ignition) that has been devised to determine for how long the charcoal holds a constant temperature of +180° C, which is the optimal temperature for continuous cooking on the grill.

These tests are performed continuously up to 6 times per batch. As each test takes several hours, we have more than one test equipment running simultaneously.

Third Test (twice per year)

The third test is a ‘Self Heating’ test and that is made by independent test laboratories to ensure the product cannot self-ignite, either during the shipping process, in retail warehouses, shops or at the homes of end consumers. This test needs to be renewed every 6 months.